Helping first time buyers get a foot on the property ladder

If you’ve been unable to get on the Housing ladder because of sky-high property prices Ownplace could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ownplace is a unique concept designed to help aspiring owner occupiers take a step onto the housing ladder.

Where Ownplace differs is that qualifying purchasers will receive a massive 25% discount from the purchase price. (Terms and conditions apply)

Ownplace properties are often grouped together so the investment you make in your new home will benefit from the improvements being carried out to surrounding houses by people just like you - Owner occupiers improving their properties to create a better neighbourhood

What’s more you can have confidence knowing that Ownplace is backed by The Riverside Group the foremost social purpose housing and regeneration company in the UK

Ownplace operates in a variety of areas. See our current property listings for full details

What’s the catch?

Ownplace homes are designed for owner-occupiers and will not be sold to Property Investors, Developers, Speculators or Landlords (Legal restrictions will apply)

Ownplace homes vary in condition. Some of the properties will have been refurbished prior to sale. Others will need some redecoration and upgrading which will allow you the opportunity to bring the property up to your own standards. Some of the properties will require more comprehensive works and are likely to appeal to competent DIYers and those who have access to skilled labour via friends and family.

For full details of available properties see our current list.

To find out if you qualify to purchase an Ownplace home click here.